Anime Legos!

Lego mecs

Ok, so maybe that batmobile was a little expensive but these I could justify. :D

Besides one was for Alastria anyway. hehehe.

Lego mecs

They are really cool after you get them together. The have a light block that goes in the center and shines light down the plastic tube to their gun. Pretty neat looking. They are also very sturdy and well jointed. Nothing like the old lego robots I used to make.
Nothing more embarrassing than loosing an arm or leg during a battle... ;)

They come with lots of stickers that make them look really cool. In the above picture the white one has the stickers and the red one does not. Most of the stickers are actually in Japanese. Funny though that the "Dragon Wing" sticker is upsidedown on the box picture and on the instructions. lol

The little lego guys actually have the wild anime hair. It's actually rubber as apposed to the hard plastic that most lego hair pieces are. Probably a saftey thing with all the points on it. :)

Very cool legos!


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